Les Bains Paris - Club

The Club Les Bains

The music of Les Bains is a hybrid combination between nostalgia and new emotions.

Les Bains reinvented themselves through a interdisciplinary programming looking for trends in France and elsewhere.
Le Club is the result of a gathering of talents and of the discoveries of musicians seeking inspiration 
in the service of the new sound "Les Bains", created by and for those who love music. 

Les Bains maintain the tradition of a joyful eclecticism thanks to the bouncer at the entrance of the Club and the various DJs ;
residents and guests. Le Club, with its swimming-pool and its black and white checkerboard, is a tribute to the glorious period setting of Les Bains. 
It is also scene for live shows, concerts and events; a universal place.

Open from Thursday to Saturday from midnight until dawn.

  • Les Bains Paris - Club
  • Les Bains Paris - Club
  • Les Bains Paris - Club
  • Les Bains Paris - Club
  • Les Bains Paris - Club


Friday May 26th


Saturday May 27th


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