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Parley x Les Bains

Parley x Les Bains

Les Bains are proud to be a partner of Parley for the Oceans during COP21 and to support their actions and campaigns to protect the oceans.


Since it's conception, Les Bains have offered a global, international experience to the creative class, connecting and catering to the musical, artistic, culinary, crafts and tastes, and above all else, responsible and committed individuals. 


Beyond providing sensory and cultural experiences, it is now essential to develop and advance a conscience appreciation for the beauty and fragility of our planet, and to do everything possible to save it.


During the very special time of sharpened perceptions while our guests visit, attend, or stay at Les Bains, our objective is to provide them awareness, means and possibilities to discover inventive and exciting ways to preserve the planet.


Thus, our two-star Michelen chef Board, Philippe Labbé, already adept in a responsible and local cuisine, has explored the infinite possibilities to create a vegan menu for Parley at Les Bains. 


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