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Exhibition "Summer 2034" at les Bains from 13 to 15 June 2014


From June 13 to 15, Les Bains and the collective Granit presented a collective exhibition on the theme of Summer 2034.
After the Artists Residency in 2013, young and international artists have reinvested the building site of Les Bains, exploring this time both future and summer.
13 artists from Paris, New York, Shanghai, Brussels, Lausanne, Barcelona and London presented their works in two dimensions, in volume, still or animated.
The author and comedian David Wahl chose to express himself by giving a representation of Le Traité de la boule de cristal, a talk about this enigmatic object.
The event brought together more than 800 visitors, directly catapulted into the heart of the famous Summer 2034 ...  And they left with beautiful holiday souvenirs !

Artists: Yue Wu // Cyrille Weiner // Hannah Thual // Stéphanie Solinas // Bertrand Trichet // Damian Navarro // Maya de Mondragon // Romain Laurent // Nils Guadagnin // Marie-Gabrielle Fabre // Pier Esparre // Julien Dutertre // Marie-Min Berthuin
Team Les Bains: Jean-Pierre Marois // Colombe de la Taille // Jérôme Pauchant
Exhibition curator: Paul-Henry Bizon // Joran Briand // Samuel Lehuede // Salim Santa-Lucia

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