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  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
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  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
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  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home
  • Les Bains Paris - Home

Photo Credits: Christophe Bielsa, Guillaume Grasset & Paul Raeside

To grasp the spirit of les Bains, you have to go back in time.
Since 1885 the catalytic soul of the Bains-Douches Paris has always been enlightened
by the spark of true innovators:
a place attracting the stars and mavericks of today and tomorrow.



- The legend of Les Bains -

From 1885 to 2011... A place among places


Les Bains Douches, was built in 1885 and subsequently run by the Guerbois family, home to the most famous private thermal baths of the capital. 
It was a mecca of massage, offering sulphur, Russian and Turkish baths. You could take a dip in the pool or have your bath delivered home! Marcel Proust enjoyed his steam baths, while the workers from the nearby Les Halles food market came at dawn to shower and drink coffee and calvados after their night’s labours.


In 1978, this unique place transformed clubbing into an art de vivre and quickly became a cultural institution. A centre of gravity on a universal scale for the world of media, show business and the arts. Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yves Saint-Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Bono, Prince, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, etc.
The list is never-ending.


In 2011, to reinvent and save this icon of Parisian life, a new company, « La Société des Bains » was founded under the leadership of Jean-Pierre Marois… This was the first page of the new story of Les Bains.

Photo Credits: Foc Kan
Les Bains Paris - Home

Artists Residency

January - May 2013

Skki + Invader + C215
Cédric Bernadotte
Sambre + Parole + Sowat
Thomas Canto
C215 + Invader

Photo Credits: Stéphane Bisseuil / Jérome Coton / Galerie Magda Danysz / Les Bains

In January 2013, the Artists Residency at Les Bains once more took up the thread of a dormant legend which many thought would never stir again. A bold artistic adventure under the curation of Magda Danysz with Colombe de La Taille in charge of production and communication, a unique fleeting moment to render homage to its artistic DNA and open the first page of the new Bains story.

From the mosaics of Space Invader to the frescoes of the American artist Futura, the legendary Jacques Villeglé to the 25 years old Portuguese painter VHILS, not forgetting C215, Ash and Sten Lex, the whole golden class of Street Art was asked to express itself over every inch of the 3000 m² of the Les Bains building.

Aerosol, marker, photography, poster, brush, sponge, chalk, pneumatic drill, installation, it made for a dazzling repertoire of methods. A first shock event to resuscitate the myth of Les Bains.





Or the team of talents inventing Les Bains Paris of tomorrow...



From the world of cinema, he directed and produced films by Ferrara, Iñárritu and Oliver Stone. “Saving Private Bains Douches” is in his opinion his best indie film yet.


Interior decorator for rock stars and famous personalities. After winning the Les Bains competition, he won a number of other major Hotel site designs, such as the Hotel de Crillon in Paris.


His agency designs chairs for Hermès or entire buildings (the Hermès flagship store on Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills). The transformation of the Art Deco swimming pool (rue de Sèvres) for Hermès on the ‘Rive Gauche’ galvanized the international press. His project for the restaurant of Les Bains is spectacular: capturing the historical influences of the place in an innovative new incarnation.


Architect of 80 Hotels in Paris. His two main projects of 2014 are the integration of the Hotel Lotti with the Hotel Costes and the revolutionary Les Bains project.


Creative Director and Brand designer, this Austrian New-Yorker designed, among other things, the visual brand identity of the Château Marmont, The Hôtel Americano, The Chiltern Firehouse and Cipriani.



As founder of the advertising agency, media and public relations ADL Conseil, her field of action extends from luxury to humanitarian and Contemporary Art. Among her clients, the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, the French Red Cross and now Les Bains.


This aesthetic visionary, founder of Le Cabinet de Curiosités de Thomas Erber, is advising Jean-Pierre Marois on the sourcing of accessories and novelties that will enliven Les Bains.


As a hôtelier, he develops and manages boutique hotels including Le Notre Dame and the brand new Hôtel Continent, both decorated by Christian Lacroix. He accompanied Jean-Pierre Marois in the creation of the Hotel Gabriel in Paris.


Having been GM for the Byblos (Saint Tropez and Courchevel), Murano (Paris and Marrakech) and Kube Hotels (Paris and Saint Tropez), this specialist in “party Hotels”, focuses on atypical projects of all kinds in the hotel and catering business.


« A unique offering, something new for me and for Paris ».
After collecting 3 Michelin stars over two restaurants in the Shangri La Paris, our famous « advisory chef » is involved from A to Z in the conceptual development of our kitchen and restaurant to the elaboration of Les Bains futur menu.


Not yet in his thirty’s but since « worthiness does not await the number of years », the wonderful track record of Michael includes Ledoyen with Christian Le Squer, the  Meurice  with Yannick Alleno the Connaught in London with Helene Darroze and finally the Shangri La Paris. There, his talent catches Philippe Labbé 's attention who entrusts the helm of  Les Bains' kitchen to him.



Les Bains Paris - Home

Exploration in photography of the secret den of Les Bains during the Artists Residency 2013, by Stéphane Bisseuil and Jérôme Coton. The newly published book of the temporary exhibition at Les Bains is on sale here!




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