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Les Bains Paris - Accueil
Les Bains Paris - Accueil
Les Bains Paris - Accueil
Les Bains Paris - Accueil


The grandeur of the Haussmann architecture is enhanced by glorious marble bathrooms, wood panelling and antique furniture.

Harper's Bazaar UK

Public spaces galore – including a bar, lounge, terrace and club – mean you can drink and dance almost anywhere, anytime.

Harper's Bazaar UK

Probably Paris' most fabulous lifestyle hotel.

Lonely Planet

Hotelier Jean-Pierre Marois is keeping that magic alive by renovating the 19th-century building, into a boutique hotel that pays tribute to its vibrant past.

Architectural Digest US

A rock-and-roll vibe lives on inside the 39 guest suites.

Architectural Digest US

The hotel’s public spaces exude the same bold modernity as the private rooms.

Architectural Digest US

The building has a powerful aura, a mix of glamor and raw spirit.

Architectural Digest US

Les Bains has now been restored to its former glory, with contemporary additions that act as a gracious backdrop to the hotel’s dramatic original details.


Once a meeting point for Impressionist painters and then a hedonistic nightclub like no other, the latest incarnation of Les Bains in Paris is as luxury hotel.

The Telegraph

Chic and exclusive without being ostentatious, Les Bains’ redesign is balanced and playful.


With its almost tangible soul exuding from every corner, it’s like Les Bains never closed.


Les Bains, Paris: The hotel-club hybrid that's making a splash!

The Independant

Les Bains Paris - Accueil Les Bains Paris - Accueil Les Bains Paris - Accueil Les Bains Paris - Accueil

Rooms & Suites

The Hotel Les Bains offers 39 spacious rooms and suites, each with a subtly different and unique personality.

To capture the spirit of Les Bains, we must go back in time. 
Since its birth in 1885, the soul of Les Bains has sparked the imagination
of creative people and trendsetters: those who blaze the trail
and provide the catalyst for all who follow. 

As before, better than before, because we can live there, day and night,
24/7, in search of a lifestyle that is absolute. 

A hybrid place, a private home, a hotel, a club? 
A chic location, inclusive, mixed, diverse, inventive, cross-cultural, Bohemian, historic, elegant, welcoming... and new. 



Les Bains will launch its first Festival

Les Bains will launch its first Festival

Published on 5 February 2018 in Fuites

February 7 to 11 2018, Les Bains will launch its first Festival — 96 hours of Music, Food, Drinks & Sleep.


– Or, the Legend of Les Bains –


From 1885 to 2011... A place among places. 

Opened in 1885, Les Bains Douches, built and operated by the Guerbois family, 
became the first and the most renowned bathhouse of the capital. 
It was a temple; a space sanctified to massages and delights of Japanese, Russian, Turkish and sulphur baths. 
Customers could choose to swim in the pool or take a bath as they would at home. 
Marcel Proust loved to come and take steam baths, while the workers from the nearby Les Halles food market
came at dawn to shower and drink coffee and calvados after their night’s labours.

In 1978, this unique place transformed clubbing into an art and rapidly became a
cultural phenomenon; a temple of the Parisian night. It was a centre of gravity,
the eye of the storm, a crossroads of fashion, media, show business and arts. 
Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Naomi Campbell,
Claudia Schiffer, Bono, Prince, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, etc. The list is endless. 

In 2011, to reinvent and save this icon of Parisian nightlife, La Société des Bains was born under
the leadership of Jean-Pierre Marois... This, then, is the very first page of the new history of Les Bains.

Photos credit: Foc Kan
Les Bains Paris - Accueil

Artists’ Residency

January - May 2013

Skki + Invader + C215
Cédric Bernadotte
Sambre + Parole + Sowat
Thomas Canto
C215 + Invader

Photos credit: Stéphane Bisseuil / Jérome Coton / Galerie Magda Danysz / Les Bains

In January 2013, the Artists’ Residency picked up the thread of a dormant legend which many thought
would never rise again. A bold artistic adventure under the curatorship of Magda Danysz, with 
Colombe de La Taille in charge of production and communication, gave rise to a unique opportunity to pay homage
to the artistic DNA and write the first page of the new Bains. 

From the mosaics of Space Invaders to the frescoes of the American artist Futura; from the legendary Jacques Villeglés
to the 25 year old Portuguese painter VHILS, not forgetting C215, Ash and Sten Lex, the whole golden class
of street art were given free rein to express themselves upon every inch of the 3000 m² of Les Bains. 

Aerosol, marker, stencil, photography, poster, brush, sponge, chalk, pneumatic drill, installation; a dazzling repertoire of methods and media. 
A first punch shock event to reawaken the myth of Les Bains.



Or, the talented team which has created Les Bains of tomorrow..



“Allow the phoenix to be reborn from its ashes.” 

A filmmaker, he has directed, produced or co-produced films by Ferrara, Iñárritu and Oliver Stone. He feels that Saving Private Bains Douches seems to be the best movie to which he’s been attached. 

Interior decorator 

"Les Bains? It is a magical accident.” 

He is responsible for major hotel projects such as the Hôtel de Crillon and the creation of interior decoration for rock stars and other famous personalities. Between Tristan Auer and Les Bains there is a meeting of common visions, convergent sensibilities. A creator who is sensitive to the ambience of past times, at first glance he "felt" the soul and essence of the baths. 

Interior decorator 

“The place must express a contemporary vision but also a telescoping of previous eras" 

Through his agency, Denis designed chairs and other things for Hermes, as well as entire buildings (the flagship Hermes store in N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills). The transformation of the Art Deco style Lutetia swimming pool on the Rue de Sèvres into the flagship Hermès store on the Left Bank attracted even more attention from the international press. His concept for Les Bains embraces spectacular forms and innovative materials which summarise the historical influences of the place: "we must not loose the mixed nature of Les Bains.” 


"An architectural promise to keep, a prolonged gesture.” 

An architect who has 80 hotel projects in Paris to his credit, Vincent’s two main projects in 2014 were the integration of the Hotel Lotti and the Hotel Costes and, of course, the revitalization of Les Bains. 

Curator 2015 

After more than 15 years of experience in the most important galleries in Paris (he was director of the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont for 10 years), in 2014 Jérôme Pauchant created his own gallery at 61 rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Having the desire to remain rooted in its time, to interact with its environment and the general public, the Gallery multiplies the artistic possibilities by presenting, in addition to established artists, very young emerging talents. At the same time, using his professional experience in the art market, Jérôme actively provides consultation regarding artistic direction and collections to individuals, companies and institutions. 



“A challenge that combines rigour and creativity for an exceptional project.” 

This hotelier develops and manages numerous boutique hotels including Le Notre Dame and the brand-new Hotel Continent, both decorated by Christian Lacroix. He assisted Jean-Pierre Marois in the creation of the Hotel Gabriel Paris Marais. 


La Boutique Curator

This aesthetic visionary and founder of Le Cabinet de Curiosités de Thomas Erber travels between Paris, Berlin, New York and Bangkok, advising Jean-Pierre Marois on the sourcing of lifestyle accessories and novelties to bring boundless life to Les Bains.

Creative Director and brand designer

This Austrian-born New York based designer has created, among other things, the brands and visual identities of the Chateau Marmont, The Standard Hotels and the Cipriani. 

Musical adviser 

Our artistic director of music (Calvi on the Rocks, Le Baron 2006-2014, etc.) develops, along with Jean-Pierre Marois, the musical programming of Les Bains, playlists, DJ sets, concerts and other musical events. 

Designer of the men’s outfits 

Artistic director of the brand he created, Pierre designed the men’s outfits for the team of Les Bains with just the right amount of elegance and stylishness. 

Designer of the women's outfits 

Female Studio Coordinator at Lanvin, Julie has brought a subtle twist to creating the women's outfits for the team of Les Bains, with a glamorous and sexy chic.


One of the great noses of French perfumery, (Yojhi Yamamoto, Kilian, Escada, Mugler, Trudon, Diptyque, etc.) she designed the original olfactory identity of Les Bains and Bains Guerbois (our wellness area) and their variations in scented candles.



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